Welcome to gnome-hdaps-osd

Free (open source) HDAPS protection monitor for GNOME 3 and Unity


This is the official homepage of gnome-hdaps-osd, a fork of the 'good old' gnome-hdaps-applet (and HDAPSicon) but compatible with GNOME 3 as well as Ubuntu Unity since it displays the status through X OSD instead of GNOME Panel (which was removed). Monitors the /sys/block/xxx/queue/protect file and displays OSD messages of the HDAPS protection status.

Used open source modules (libraries) are python-aosd and PyOSD interface for display and Pyinotify for filesystem events monitoring. This Software is released under The GNU General Public License (plain text), respective SourceForge.net Public Domain (wiki, cc) with exception of most of the modules mentioned.


Latest Release, Notes and Changelog

• Version 0.1: tar.gz changelog (rev. 3: viewvc)
Version 0.2: tar.gz changelog (rev. 7: viewvc)
devel (SVN): tar.gz changelog (latest rev.: viewvc)

Help Wanted

All contributions to any part of the software are greatly appreciated! Please send a mail to the project admin!

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